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The Golden George

Posted by straightflight 
The Golden George
October 07, 2005 12:45PM
Official Announcement!

The Golden George
The Alamaba USDGC State Representative Selection Tournament

April 22nd/23rd (pending approval from Brimingham Park & Rec Dept, I am sure it will not be a problem).

3 Rounds of 18 holes.

18 holes stretched to 7000ft!
A true par 57.

Entry fee will be $30 per person.
There will only be 1 division and 1 winner.

If it must be PDGA sanctioned, sanctioning fees and player fee will be covered by sponsorship and will not come out of the payout.

The winner will recieve a guarrenteed PAID ENTRY (~$300) to the 2006 USDGC and be the 2006 Alabama State Representative.

*Pay out will be higher and much deeper with the more people that we have sign up. Even if only two people play, the winner will recieve the full paid entry.

This course will represent the accuracy and course management skills needed to succeed at Winthrop Gold. You will not need a big arm, there is only one hole where you have to throw over 300ft twice to get a 3 (oh and navigate OB lakes and thick shule). Accuracy and course management will be rewarded. Mistakes will be highly punished.

If you thought that GW was wide open, think again! Narrow OB fairways, OB lakes, island greens, double mando gates. Play smart or pay the price.

All divisions and players will be welcome and are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to play. You never know, an advanced player may have a great weekend and the chance to go. Current 2006 PDGA membership will be required so there is no conflict at the USDGC. I will be accepting PDGA membership sign ups at the tournament. The recipient of the State Rep award will have to provide legal proof of current Alabama residency.

If the winner is not a state resident, or is a player who had previously qualified for USDGC, or graciously declines the State Rep position, the award and entry money will be passed down to the next qualified player. So I would like to see all the current Alabama players (Deano, Lavonne, Thacker, TK, Boba, and Matto) who will all place in the top 20 and earn an exemption for next year, play in this event to encourage competition.

Do you have the skills? Can you handle the Golden George?

Pre Registered players, aka prepaid, will recieve a PDF file of a caddy guide, thanks to the inspiration of the USDGC Caddy guide. Pin placements besides 2 temp baskets will be in place 1 month prior. Yellow(white) paint/rope will be set up no later then 1 week before the tournament. But players with the caddy guide won't need the rope, they will already know the OB and rules.

Questions or comments, please feel free to email me at allenkr03@hotmail.com

See you at The Golden George!
Re: The Golden George
October 07, 2005 12:55PM
Sounds awesome! I have lots of extra old ski ropes if you need them.{not all are yellow}
Re: The Golden George
October 07, 2005 01:08PM
Count me in, I'll be donating my $30 just to see the pros at work. :)

Justin Littrell
DGB Club President
Re: The Golden George
October 07, 2005 01:17PM
Boba's ropes are pink and say bunny slope. ;)~
Re: The Golden George
October 07, 2005 01:31PM
No divisions?

Good luck at getting any attendance for that one.
Re: The Golden George
October 07, 2005 01:36PM
Are you scared Willie?

I would have expected you to jump at the chance to play in the USDGC.
Re: The Golden George
October 07, 2005 01:43PM
You mention these guys...

(Deano, Lavonne, Thacker, TK, Boba, and Matto)

Unless I sell my soul for a putting game, I can't spend the $$ and the time to get up there for naught.

Seriously though, y'all have fun!
Re: The Golden George
October 07, 2005 02:09PM
You can stay with me. I have floor space.

$30 entry.... cheaper then any other 2-day event.

The opportunity to represent your state in one of the best ran tournaments in the world.

(Deano, Lavonne, TK, Boba, Thacker, Matto) You will be able to compete side by side against our states best players.

The fact that you don't need distance, but accuracy to be successful at this event.

I can hardly understand why you would not want to go. And at worst, your helping out our future state rep. That is a donation I am even willing to put forth. (So yes, even I am playing).
Re: The Golden George
October 07, 2005 02:50PM
and me.

if they havent ejected me from the country by then.

All pro's have off days occasionally, i just need them all to have them on the same day. and the advanced guys as well. and to be honest probably the recs.

Re: The Golden George
October 07, 2005 02:57PM
You guys better look out! Consistent play and placement could win this one!! :o)
Re: The Golden George
October 07, 2005 03:03PM
Thats right Addie, I will bring the preliminary sketches with me to States for you to gander at.

I would honestly say that just about any advanced player (if having a good weekend) could win this event. Placement, accuracy, and course management is what it is all about.

Watch out for Lake Duvall on hole #5. It can eat you alive!!!!
Re: The Golden George
October 07, 2005 03:04PM
Cool! :)
Joe Thacker
Re: The Golden George
October 07, 2005 04:15PM
Sounds exciting Kris! Thanks for stepping up. And thank YOU Addie for allowing the qualifier to be in Birmingham.
Re: The Golden George
October 07, 2005 07:21PM
Oh, yea, what was I thinking!! LOL :o)
Re: The Golden George
October 07, 2005 11:36PM
A word from Harold Duvall;

"Hey Kris - I think holding a separate tournament is a great way to determine
the representative. Many folks use this method. The entry fees are pooled
and awarded to the winner to cover his or her expenses at the USDGC. The
tournament does not have to be sanctioned, but it does have to be approved
by your State Coordinator. "

The event will not be sanctioned to allow all entry fees into the payout. I would have liked to make it a Players Cup Qualifier as well, but unfortunately in this case the event must be a B-Tier. I doubt Discraft would grant an exemption and I am fine with that.

The next call will be to the park & rec department and we will be set.
Re: The Golden George
October 08, 2005 07:04AM
Just out of curiosity, what does a B-Tier cost to run?

I.e., would the cost to make it B Tierb e offset by more people playing due to the fact that its a) sanctionend, and b) a Players Cup Qualifier?

Ohh..and FYI, if any of my web/progamming/graphics skills can help let me know!

Justin Littrell
DGB Club President
Re: The Golden George
October 08, 2005 07:12AM
Justin, 50 to saction it as well as 3 per person and I think a min. payout of 2500. The only draw back I see is 3 rounds or 2 days. I think like WW said that it will be a lot fo money for those that do not have a realistic chance of winning. {gas, accomidations} Otherwise it is what I have been waiting for:}}}

Kris, I hope you will consider making it one day so that more people can attend. Thanks Boba

Re: The Golden George
October 08, 2005 06:12PM
My not sanctioning the event would be for three reasons.

1) Boosted payout by not paying sanctioning fees.
2) Sanctioned payout structure does not facilitate a heavily weighted payout to the winner aka the Alabama USDGC State Rep.
3) USDGC State Rep. qualifying standards do not require it.

My rationale of the event being a two day vs a one day event has considered many of the points you bring up. However, the end result is this.

This will be the one tournament to determine our State Rep for the USDGC. There is no other way around it. If the PDGA State Coordinator decides to do something different for 2007, then that is fine but the '06 rep will be decided in Birmingham.

There are some people who will not travel for a one day event just like there are people who will not travel for two day events. Who do you prefer to cater to? A decision was made and 3 rounds works best, it forces more consistent players to the top. It is better to trend a players results over many rounds then to take a small sample. At first the event was going to be 4 rounds, but with as tough as the course will be, I decided to shorten it to 3 rounds so people who traveled can make it home Sunday night.

The people who decide not to attend this event will be relenquishing the chance to go to Rock Hill. If only two amateur players show up for the event. One amateur player will have a paid entry to USDGC.

We already have two paid entries for the event so far!

Player 1 MA1
Player 2 MA2
Re: The Golden George
October 08, 2005 10:15PM
Ahh, thanks for clarifying the sanctioning question. As a PDGA newbie (got my members pack 2 days ago) i'm still learning the sanctioning thing.

The argument for 1 or 2 day both make alot of sense. The two things that sell me on it being 2-day are a) _most_ of the guys that will want to play this are well known around the SN and PDGA, so if they _need_ a place to stay in B'ham they probably already have friends with a couch they can loan. b) This is birmingham, and if you try hard enough you can find a cheap double queen bed hotel for $40 (well, $60 after taxes and such). IMO thats not to much for 2 guys from the same city to split!

Can't wait to play in this, who knows....Maybe everyone else will forget to show up and i get a USDGC birth...muahahahaha...

Justin Littrell
DGB Club President
Re: The Golden George
October 09, 2005 07:20AM
Kris, thanks!
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